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Chiropractic and Sleep: What's the Connection?

woman sleeping Lately, we’ve had a lot of new patients mention they aren’t sleeping well, and while that can be tied to a number of issues including back pain, stress, joint discomfort and diet to name a few, most are surprised to learn that chiropractic adjustments can actually help improve your sleep.

How? In order for your body to function as it was designed to, it needs an optimally functioning nervous system. Through adjustments, we restore function to your nervous system, which can have a positive impact on your entire body.

When you’re sleeping well, you’ll notice improvement in other areas of your life, too!

Determine Your Quality of Sleep

If you consistently wake up feeling restless, consider tracking your sleep quality with an activity wristband like the FitBit, JawBone or Apple Watch. Though many people think of these items as only tools for calculating calories burned during a workout, they also have a great sleep setting that tracks how well you’re sleeping each night.

Try tracking your sleep for a couple of weeks and then analyze the data to see if you can find any patterns or sleep disruption habits. You’ll also be able to see if you’re sleeping better on days you’ve visited our practice for an adjustment–we think you’ll see that connection!

Wondering what else you can do to improve your sleep quality? We’d be happy to discuss it with you further at your next appointment. If you’ve been tracking your sleep patterns using an activity wristband like the FitBit, we invite you to share your data with us at your next visit.

We look forward to seeing you!

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