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New Patients at South Hills Physical Medicine and Chiropractic

Patients feet in waiting roomOur expert, multi-disciplinary health care team is ready to determine how best to help you reach the highest levels of health.

Let’s Get Started

At your first visit with us, you’ll meet several types of health care professionals who will evaluate you. The duration of this visit is about an hour.

What Works for You

Our team will put together a plan of how we can help you. It will assist greatly in the process if you bring any prior medical records, including imaging, with you to your first appointment. The more we’re informed about your problems, the better we’re able to determine the best plan of action.

Duration of Care

Many people think that if you visit us for your health care needs, you’ll have to continue going forever. There is some truth to this. Our bodies are just like cars that need maintenance regularly. We need to keep our bodies in good condition. If we stop our healthy habits, we’ll revert back to the same patterns. Your problems may return and your pain will come back. We’re trying to alter the pattern you’re in, and it’s important to maintain that with regular care.

Affordable Care For Everyone

We believe everyone should be able to have access to the care you need at an affordable price. Because of this, we accept most insurance, medicare & medicaid, and offer flexible payment plans through Care Credit.

Our free consultation is offered at no obligation. Contact South Hills Physical Medicine and Chiropractic today to schedule your appointment!

New Patients at South Hills Physical Medicine and Chiropractic | (412) 885-3533