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Failed Spinal Surgery

There are many reasons that a back surgery may or may not work, and even with the best surgeon and for the best indications, spine surgery is no more than 95% predictive of a successful result.

Spine surgery is basically able to accomplish only two things:

  • Decompress a nerve root that is pinched, or
  • Stabilize a painful joint.

Man with back painUnfortunately, back surgery or spine surgery cannot literally cut out a patient’s pain. It is only able to change anatomy, and an anatomical lesion (injury) that is a probable cause of back pain must be identified prior to rather than after back surgery or spine surgery.

By far the number one reason back surgeries are not effective and some patients experience continued pain after surgery is because the lesion that was operated on is not in fact the cause of the patient’s pain.

Whether back or spine surgery is successful or not, the areas above and below the fused portion can often result in stenosis.


Treatments are tailored to fit each individual’s problem, we have a variety of tests that we perform in order to determine what is the right option for each patient. Our treatment services include:

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