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Workers’ Compensation

Worker with pain from lifting boxesA fall off a ladder. A slip on a wet floor. A machinery-related injury. These are some common types of work-related injuries. Our experienced chiropractors can get you the care you need to heal and return to work.

Determining How the Injury Happened

The treatment protocol for somebody in a workers’ compensation situation is different from that of someone who comes in with back pain that’s not related to work. The difference for workers’ compensation is we want to know how you hurt yourself. Then we want to help prevent you from getting injured in the future.

Helping Employers to Keep Their Employees Safe

We work with a company that employs people that are constantly in a position that they’re lifting heavy objects in odd ways. What we have done is partner with the company to develop systems to put in place that can recognize potential deficits for their employees. For example, if they have a core strength deficit, that’s going to expose them to hurting their low back.

What we do is prescreen their employees through something called a functional capacity exam. Then we will address some of those deficits found on an exam to strengthen them.

So we can work with the employers, but once somebody would injure themselves, then we’ll work with the employee to get them back to work as quickly as possible, or at least get them to what is considered maximum improvement.

What to Expect

When you come in following a work-related injury we will give you a form to complete. Then here’s what you can expect next:

  • A red flag screening
  • Neurological and complete orthopedic examination
  • Imaging such as X-rays, CTS or MRIs as necessary (we will refer you out for these)

Book an Appointment

If you’ve been involved in workplace-related injury we want to help you get back to your pre-injury status. Contact South Hills Physical Medicine and Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment.

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