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Knee Pain Therapy in Whitehall Borough

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Knee pain can be debilitating. Even walking short distances can be excruciating. Icing only helps so much and it doesn’t address the cause of the pain.

Many people think that painful or arthritic knees are just something they have to learn to live with, but that’s not true!

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Knee Pain Therapy in Pittsburgh


Affordable Knee Pain Treatment

We believe everyone should be able to have access to the care you need at an affordable price. Because of this, we accept most insurance, medicare & medicaid, and offer flexible payment plans through Care Credit.

We offer free, no-obligation consultations and same day appointments for those in pain.

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We Accept Care Credit Payment Plans


You Don’t Have To Live With Knee Pain

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Knee Pain Relief Specialists in Whitehall Borough, Serving the South Hills Area

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