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Nick's Wheelchair Access Van Fund

Please consider helping a special young man and his family.

Nick’s Story

13325691_1469813798.0593I’d like to introduce you to a remarkable young man, Nick Redding, who has endured various challenges since his birth in 2004. He has had 24 surgeries in his 12 years of life. Unfortunately, one of his surgeries resulted in Nick becoming a quadriplegic.

Nick has a motorized wheelchair that he’s able to drive on his own using his chin and head controls. Transporting him, however, to his various doctor appointments, therapies and family and community events requires a wheelchair accessible van. Coming up with the funds for the wheelchair has been difficult for his family due to the considerable medical expenses involved in caring for Nick.

Our Goal

We would like nothing more than to raise the $60,000 required to help Nick’s family purchase a wheelchair access van.

How You Can Help

If you’d like to contribute to Nick’s Wheelchair Access Van Fund, please go to his GoFundMe page, where you also can read more about his story. Any amount you donate is greatly appreciated. We also invite you to share his page on Facebook.

With your help, Nick can experience greater independence. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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